Monday, 19 September 2016

High Level Language in Abundance

Jannie Van Hees

Waitangi: Children need a high level language in Abundance.
I have scaffold Oral Language through whole class/group discussion.  Shared Book-inferring by looking at the pictures.
Learning Options where the tamariki learn through play and talking.
Hurt Free Values where children share their understanding of a value such as how they feel or what they think about the value.
Is it the right thing or their own personal experiences or making important connections.
Enhancing the children's language through new words, new phrases, new places and exciting images/videos such as the Olympic Games 2016.
In discussion with the children I have rephrased my questioning by using an "I" statement.
Inquiry Learning Model - positive, questions and discussions, the child's interest.

FRAME WORK OF TALK - 3 aspect to talk about.
Prompt with a question
Don't reply on this thing questioning

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