Monday, 19 September 2016

High Level Language in Abundance

Jannie Van Hees

Waitangi: Children need a high level language in Abundance.
I have scaffold Oral Language through whole class/group discussion.  Shared Book-inferring by looking at the pictures.
Learning Options where the tamariki learn through play and talking.
Hurt Free Values where children share their understanding of a value such as how they feel or what they think about the value.
Is it the right thing or their own personal experiences or making important connections.
Enhancing the children's language through new words, new phrases, new places and exciting images/videos such as the Olympic Games 2016.
In discussion with the children I have rephrased my questioning by using an "I" statement.
Inquiry Learning Model - positive, questions and discussions, the child's interest.

FRAME WORK OF TALK - 3 aspect to talk about.
Prompt with a question
Don't reply on this thing questioning

Friday, 12 August 2016

I like ...

I like learning to play the guitar.

iPad Devices

Mia is so excited taking a photo of Jayze.

Kaziah-Lee and Ringakaha are exploring their ipad devices.

Kaziah - Lee playing a math game.

Room 10 has delight at learning option time flicking through on the ipads.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Financial Capabilities

Myself along side with A. Wihongi are the lead teachers to provide awareness about money.  As a starting point for Room 10 we decided to create a shop (who can remember playing shop keepers?).   They kept wrappers from their lunch box and cut out other things from magazines and pasted images onto a plastic cup for sturdiness.  They felt very happy, proud and excited about their setup.


Here's another example of how the teacher integrated money into writing and Te Reo.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Whanau Evening by the Pool

                                                Welcome back to School

                                           Whanau Programme!

                                                      Summer Fun twisting by the pool.

Main Events

     Ngatokimatawhaurua Waka

The Museum and it's new modern technology


Here is our beautiful Ngahere that kept us sheltered from the harsh sun rays.

The Flag Staff

        Below is the spectacular scene from the treaty grounds.

                                                       Mission House
                                   Where we had time to play.

    The Marae where the timber came from Ngati Hine and cavers from all over the motu.

The Performance starring PouAriki's mum

                             It was just the most beautiful day in the world with our whanau.

                                                         Nga mihi nui kia koutou katoa.

We are learning to be on our best behavior for our teacher and parents. 
We sit nicely in our chairs.  We can talk and laugh but not too loud. for the bus driver.
This is our first school trip by bus to the Waitangi Treaty grounds.

 "I like riding in a bus because you can see a lot more then when your a car.  The car is lower" said Ringakaha.  Ringakaha and his buddy Gary.
 Tena koe Mia, she dressed in magical pink.  In front of her let me introduce to you our very own Jayze with a happy grin on his face.
Jayze and Benjamin.

Welcome to our Learning Environment

Let me show you around our Learning Environment!


Mahi Kainga Pukapuka

Learning Options

Te Whariki

Nga tepu mahi

Our display walls:

Classroom Letter Term 1 2016

Kaikohe West School

23 Tawanui Road

09 4011713

Monday 15th Hui-tanguru 2016

Tena koutou e nga whanau,

I hope you created a lot of happy memories over the holiday break.  Room 10 is our new entrants and Yr 1 bilingual class working toward Level 2 reo. The Kaiako is wonderful Mrs Waitangi Nathan.  

She is looking forward to ‘getting to know’ her tamariki and working collaboratively with their whanau.  Mrs Nathan is excited about setting firm foundations of fundamental routines and skills to support their learning.  She will provide a safe stimulating environment to help promote korero (oral language) with a variety of learning options.  Every Friday is a morning filled with developing the children’s finer motor skills.

Our first learning experience outside the classroom will be a visit to the Waitangi Treaty grounds.  I commend you on getting your child to school on time every day.  We are aiming for 100% attendance.

Check out our classroom blog and see what we’ve been up to. You can talk to us on this site, yeah!

Nga mihi nui                                                 Tumuaki
Waitangi Nathan                                          Meralyn Te Hira