Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Term4 Class-room Letter

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23 Tawaraunui Road,

Dear Whanau,
It is so up lifting to hear your tamariki talk and write about their holiday memories. To see their faces light up, screw up and laughter brings happy noise into our learning space.  Which is a great way to set the tone for term four.


For literacy we will be working more on our devices becoming more familiar and technologically savvy. This may look like, writing on our classroom blogs, responding and saving our mahi in our new work folders.  Oh! so what about Math?, well from the moment we open our eyes we are doing Math, what time is it, how many sandwiches am I having, and I’m going to get 100% attendance this term!  So we will be focusing on problem solving and showing our working out, yes you got it! on our devices.


We have created a visual rewards board to get the competitive bug within us booming!  We also have our ‘caught being goods’, yellow cards, House points, ‘Principals award’, Mrs. Nathan’s ‘Sparkle Box’, weekly acknowledgments ‘Certificates’.  Actually all our day of learning needs to be exciting and rewarding so negative attitudes and behaviours have no room here, but we already know that aye Mrs. Nathan.

Our wonder wall is linked to the Rugby World Cup and Room 3’s country is Ireland.  So we will be learning about ‘Celebrating Success through Diversity’.  Hmmmm what does that mean?  That’s what we have to FIND out.  Check our classroom blog   and see what we’ve been up to, leave a positive encouraging comment beginning with – I like …   (it’s a start aye).  

That’s us!  Noho ora mai
Waitangi Nathan me ngá¾± tamariki o te ruma tua toru!

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