Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Classroom Letter

Kaikohe West School
23 Tawaraunui Road,

Dear Whanau,
I hope you created a lot of holiday memories over the break. It’s nice to see your tamariki again. Room 3 have a lot of work ahead of us but more importantly how to achieve these learning goals efficiently.

Every day we need to push the boundaries for Reading the focus area this term. The balance of our learning will come from experiences in Te Reo, Health and PE, Technology and The Arts. Mrs Nathan will continue to be on our backs about Book Bags and monitoring our reading with whanau, reflective writing, times tables and spelling every single morning without fail. Don’t worry she only wants the best from us and nothing less because we are the best. 

Our Learning Inquiry topic is Music where we are learning about what we are performing at the end of the term. Mrs Nathan is supporting our learning by sharing what she knows, korero handed down from her father. It would be nice to hear from you whanau! Even better Mrs Nathan personally invites you as our special guests to share your knowledge with us too.

Passion Fridays is where Mrs Nathan actively places our class and learning bang smack in the community. We enjoy a morning walk down Broadway, why because we love it. Mrs Nathan says we are part of this community and this is our town! She likes us to be seen, we like the shop keepers to see us. We feel happy to wave when whanau toot to us. We like to sing in our town and just enjoy the air that we breathe. We feel safe and free with Mrs Nathan.
Check out our classroom blog   and see what we’ve been up to. You can talk to us on this site, yeah!

Oh one last thing I commend you on getting your child to school on time very much appreciated. We are aiming for 100% attendance.

That’s us!  Noho ora mai
Waitangi Nathan me nga tamariki o te ruma tua toru!

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