Friday, 29 May 2015

A taste of goodness.

 Ariana and Drisana

Fresh Green Salad with home made dressing.

Healthy food going in.  Here we are preparing our salad.
 Journey preparing our parsley and lettuce.  Well done Journey.

 Liona trying her hand at dicing the carrots.
 Shannon wedging the juicy red tomatoes.
 Leeana peeling and dividing the mandarins.
 Olive oil, lemon, brown sugar and vinegar.  Sweetness for the pallet.
 Iron filled green lettuce.
 Sparkling vitamin C mandarin quarters.
 Telegraph cucumbers.
 Clean robust tomatoes.

 Just about there!
 Give it a good mix.  YES we have washed our hands twice.
The end result.  OOOOO lala  Our hearts delight salad.

Food Gathering

Passion week day 2 and we went hunting for kai for our green salad.  Let's see who's garden we can ...  We saw what the bugs had done and what was plentiful.  Well done KWS green fingers.

Room 3's Garden

Here's an up date on how our garden is doing.

Room 3's APPLE PIE Yummy.

With our left over fruit at the end of the week Room 3 decided to make ourselves a delicious APPLE PIE.  Check it out!

Told you it was Yum!

Anzac Centenary 2015

Whaea Koryna came and speak about her Dad and his Anzac medals.  He went to serve time in Egypt.  She loves her father.

 Nga mihi nui kia koe Whaea Koryna.

Friday, 8 May 2015

week 2 
Room 3 enjoyed the story telling of Tayna Batt.  She had awesome story voices.  Thank you!

Week 3
This is our Apple Short Bread Yum Yum Yum!!!
This was very simple to make.  
pastry, apple, brown sugar, icing sugar.  Happy Lunch.