Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hi there,
I was born in Kaikohe.  Schooled in Kaikohe.  Work in Kaikohe.  Married in Kaikohe.  Raised my family of three fabulous children (Cheyne, Lainie and Taylor) in Kaikohe.  I am blessed with five extra fabulous mokopuna (Ahuaiti, Awhina, Arahia, Mananui and Terence-the-Third).  Live in Kaikohe.  I absolutely love Kaikohe because I am Kaikohe and Kaikohe is me!

I am the mahita of Room 3 and if your child is in my karaehe I can guarantee that I will do my very best to awhi, manaaki and tautoko their learning. 
I am heavily driven by your child’s learning needs to develop and build a firm foundation of the core curricular learning areas (Panui-Reading, Tuhituhi-Writing and Pangarau-Math) alongside with Spelling and Printing.  I am introducing Te Reo in the classroom as a norm to fully enjoy, lighten our hearts and spirits.  I believe get these basics right your child is able to stand strong and be confident in whatever they do.

Now if you know me, I am all about being happy and safe at kura within our hurt free environment.  So please continue to reinforce Caring, Respect, Collaboration, and Responsibility in the home.  Ka Pai!
Let’s not forget learning outside the classroom, sports and PE, technology, science and inquiry learning to enhance your child’s creative and inquisitive minds with exciting learning opportunities. 

Where do I find the time to do all of these, well I’m not alone in your child’s learning.  I have a network of fabulous parents, whanau, whanaunga, educators, and community agents to support me.

To conclude my korero,

Our class moto: You are the BEST, Mrs Nathan expects you’re very best and won’t settle for anything less, WHY! Because you are the best and don’t you forget it!  

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Our Pink Ribbon Day

              2014 Room 3 girls showing off their pink ribbon  butterfly bands. Pretty good aye!
                                   Here's a close up shot.  The butter fly represents freedom.
Boys will be boys and they selected the ultimate transformer Optimus Prime breast shields.  Now I think they look really cool because they are simple but a sharp look.

2014 Garden Box

                                         This is our prepared garden box.  Thank you Pappy and the team.
                                          Traezarn dampening our soil before planting.
           Here is Mason Barber using a paint brush handle to make some holes.
Check it out here we have Dalton and Jordashay planting the first of our parsley for the herb garden.
I like the