Friday, 4 December 2015

Road Safety

Room 3 enjoyed the learning from Ronald McDonald as he spoke about Road Safety.  What to look for.  What to listen for. What to do.

Pirates and Mermaids

Room 3 had a wonderful way of expressing their acting skills in front of their whanau.  Here we have Ma TeHira posing with Traezarn RRrrrrr.

Tuoro with his spiked hair.

Manuera and Anthony doing the pirate pukana

Our iPads

 We are learning to be more familiar with our iPad devices.
Our learning environment is changing as well.  We work more collaboratively around the room on the floor.

We have Tuoro, Dalton, and Milson focused on their writing.

Our Spare Time

In our spare time some of us like to read and some of us like to play the guitar. Here we have Miss Emma.

 Arcadia a very active learner in Room 3.
Jorja enjoying her book about the beach.

Some Landmarks of Northland

We are learning to create different land marks for art of places we have been to or seen.
Here we have Te Ataahua at the early stages of creating the Kaikohe maunga 'Putahi'

Rykahdo pleased with himself cutting out some Ngati Hine tuna from apple packaging.

 Here's our little konohi on our tuna.  A land mark for Moerewa (Tuna Town).
 This is a beauty.  Can you guess, yes the colorful Kawakawa toilets.  Inspired by the famous German artist Hundertwasser.
 Tevana painting the quirky doors.
 None other but the Auckland Harbor Bridge with shades of grey.  Hi Arcadia and Chili.
 Kiaora Chili, doing a great job there!
Anthony Kiro along side with his team created this fabulous Sky Tower.  It was taller then Mrs Nathan.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Open Day with children presenting their leraning.

Dalton reciting his mihi.

Kruz reciting his mihi.

Traezarn reciting his Pepeha.

Lexus reciting her Pepeha.

 Here is Neko giving his lecture on planning our writing.  He is talking about our Brainstorm.
Traezarn talks about the 5W's and HOW you feel.  There are heaps of words to choose from.

Chili gave a heroin effort on the 3 Parts to our story.  The Title, Orientation, Sequence of Events, and the Ending.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Term4 Class-room Letter

letter head pic.PNG
23 Tawaraunui Road,

Dear Whanau,
It is so up lifting to hear your tamariki talk and write about their holiday memories. To see their faces light up, screw up and laughter brings happy noise into our learning space.  Which is a great way to set the tone for term four.


For literacy we will be working more on our devices becoming more familiar and technologically savvy. This may look like, writing on our classroom blogs, responding and saving our mahi in our new work folders.  Oh! so what about Math?, well from the moment we open our eyes we are doing Math, what time is it, how many sandwiches am I having, and I’m going to get 100% attendance this term!  So we will be focusing on problem solving and showing our working out, yes you got it! on our devices.


We have created a visual rewards board to get the competitive bug within us booming!  We also have our ‘caught being goods’, yellow cards, House points, ‘Principals award’, Mrs. Nathan’s ‘Sparkle Box’, weekly acknowledgments ‘Certificates’.  Actually all our day of learning needs to be exciting and rewarding so negative attitudes and behaviours have no room here, but we already know that aye Mrs. Nathan.

Our wonder wall is linked to the Rugby World Cup and Room 3’s country is Ireland.  So we will be learning about ‘Celebrating Success through Diversity’.  Hmmmm what does that mean?  That’s what we have to FIND out.  Check our classroom blog   and see what we’ve been up to, leave a positive encouraging comment beginning with – I like …   (it’s a start aye).  

That’s us!  Noho ora mai
Waitangi Nathan me ngá¾± tamariki o te ruma tua toru!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Science in a Van

                                          This is a bubble MIXTURE Allan.
                                          Little bubbles.
                                          Big bubbles.
                                          Huge bubbles.
                                           Inside the bubble is air and gases.  Clever aye!

Getting on with Work

                                          Neko planning his ideas.
                                          Chili's planning as-well.
                                          Bretsin writing independently.
                                          T.k above and Manuera below work in progress.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Classroom Letter

Kaikohe West School
23 Tawaraunui Road,

Dear Whanau,
I hope you created a lot of holiday memories over the break. It’s nice to see your tamariki again. Room 3 have a lot of work ahead of us but more importantly how to achieve these learning goals efficiently.

Every day we need to push the boundaries for Reading the focus area this term. The balance of our learning will come from experiences in Te Reo, Health and PE, Technology and The Arts. Mrs Nathan will continue to be on our backs about Book Bags and monitoring our reading with whanau, reflective writing, times tables and spelling every single morning without fail. Don’t worry she only wants the best from us and nothing less because we are the best. 

Our Learning Inquiry topic is Music where we are learning about what we are performing at the end of the term. Mrs Nathan is supporting our learning by sharing what she knows, korero handed down from her father. It would be nice to hear from you whanau! Even better Mrs Nathan personally invites you as our special guests to share your knowledge with us too.

Passion Fridays is where Mrs Nathan actively places our class and learning bang smack in the community. We enjoy a morning walk down Broadway, why because we love it. Mrs Nathan says we are part of this community and this is our town! She likes us to be seen, we like the shop keepers to see us. We feel happy to wave when whanau toot to us. We like to sing in our town and just enjoy the air that we breathe. We feel safe and free with Mrs Nathan.
Check out our classroom blog   and see what we’ve been up to. You can talk to us on this site, yeah!

Oh one last thing I commend you on getting your child to school on time very much appreciated. We are aiming for 100% attendance.

That’s us!  Noho ora mai
Waitangi Nathan me nga tamariki o te ruma tua toru!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Celebrating Matariki at the Te Kura Kaupapa o Kaikohe Matariki Gala 2015

 Mrs Nathan having a BLAST at Te Kura Kaupapa o Kaikohe Matariki Gala!  Let's get organised...
 Nga whaea watching over nga tamariki tino ataahua!!

 Oh I see, playing golf.  Nice one Room 3.  Anthony, Neko me Te Ataahua.

 The play ground with it's obstacle course fully entertaining the children.  Whakawhanaungatanga at it's best!
 Kiaora tamariki ma.  Tena koe Miss Cross!

Mrs Nathan and Lexus having a sit down oooohhhh.  Have you got a full puku like me.
 Smile you're on Room3 Blogg camera.
 These children are our future.  Happy Matariki!

 Miss Gwendoline enjoying herself. 

 Tena koe Whaea Sabrina me Whaea Te Ruru.

Tino pai o matou ra.  Tino pai!