Monday, 1 December 2014

Stage 1: Room 3's new Box Garden, thank you Pappy and helpers.

Stage 2: Fill em up with some soil, dirt, paru  oh it looks a bit dry.  What shall we add to this soil?

Stage 3: That's right on Traezarn.  Give the soil a drink.

Stay tuned we'll see what happens next.  Stay tuned.

Here we are enjoying our Lego Technology with Mr J.
We have Kaiarahi, Mikayla, Shakira, Oceayarn and other class mates.  Well focused on their task at hand.

Manipulating their lego blocks to create a man figure.  Zephlin, A.J, Manuera and Dalton.

Here goes Shikaia with her man standing.  Mahi Pai Shikaia.
Jordashay getting her Lego groove on.  YeeHa!