Thursday, 8 May 2014

End of Term 1:Te Wharereirei o Tama-nui-ki-te-Ra (Monument Hill)

This is our walk up Monument Hill.
 Resting and having a fresh fruit and a cold drink of milk after that steep hike up the hill.
 The original name of this maunga is Te Wharereirei o Tama-nui-ki-te-Ra.  The chief of this maunga was Tamanuikitera.  The hapu Te uri o Hua gave this maunga to Ngati Tautahi.  Te wharereireiotamanuikitera means the garden of Tamanuikitera.  His gardens were rock gardens.

 Titiro tamariki ma, look at the rolling hills, the tiny trucks and cars, the Aparahama church.  Thank you for a delightful day.
 What a beautiful site.  Home sweet home!  "Belonging to"
Wh                            Whaea Janey took a funny photo of us in the shade under the big Puriri tree.  The 1st church was at Omapere named Kamore. The 2nd church was at the KWS known as the Native School then named Te Pare HeiHei.  The 3rd was on Te Wharereirei and the 4th church is the Aparahama church.



  1. Hi Room 3 whose look hot up monument and i bit whose want a drink of water wow and the photo of whose sitting down.

    1. Thank you for taking some interest in our classroom blog. More importantly thanks for leaving a message. Dale what was your most exciting learning of the day? Please let us know.

  2. Room 3! Love the blog and did you love the trip I bet you loved it going down hill.that looks like fun you should of taken me along with yous plus it was and looked like you guys really loved it sign out.

  3. nice photos after that long walk up the hill must of been tiring you would of had to take lots of bottles of water.

  4. hlo Room 3 you are osem