Thursday, 8 May 2014

More on the Duffy show.
Duffy and Rosie by Jorgarose.

 Room 3 getting their grove on doing the Duffy song and dance.
 Long distance focus photos from Zephlin.

Here we go, Zephlin working it out.  Way to go Zephlin. He is enjoying being able to use this device.
Yes here are the girls.  Hi there, tino ataahua.  This photo was taken by Zephlin.  

 Great eye MikaylaRae.
 Room 3 shouting their words into the BIG BOOK!  Way to go Shikaia way to go.
This photo is by MikaylaRae.

So there we go just another learning day at the office.  It's cool to read!!!


  1. HI jorgarose love the great writing more of mrs nathan she did the publishing great work there mrs nathan from sharnee ngapeka

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words Amy. I need to show my class the different comments that the children have made and I'm sure without a doubt they would like to comment back.
      I would probably add this to our literacy activities.