Monday, 1 December 2014

Stage 1: Room 3's new Box Garden, thank you Pappy and helpers.

Stage 2: Fill em up with some soil, dirt, paru  oh it looks a bit dry.  What shall we add to this soil?

Stage 3: That's right on Traezarn.  Give the soil a drink.

Stay tuned we'll see what happens next.  Stay tuned.

Here we are enjoying our Lego Technology with Mr J.
We have Kaiarahi, Mikayla, Shakira, Oceayarn and other class mates.  Well focused on their task at hand.

Manipulating their lego blocks to create a man figure.  Zephlin, A.J, Manuera and Dalton.

Here goes Shikaia with her man standing.  Mahi Pai Shikaia.
Jordashay getting her Lego groove on.  YeeHa!

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Miss Nicola our Drama, Dance and The Arts teacher provided some much needed space for room 3 tamariki.  Just another day at the office aye tamariki ma.
What a wonderful scene! Thank you Miss Nicola for providing the environment for the children to experience imagination, movement and sound. They are a highly energetic bunch aye! however, they are part of the melting pot of the Kaikohe West school.
Bravo Miss Nicola, you are doing a very good job with our tamariki. Congratulations!
Room 3 went on a Teddybears' picnic on Thursday. They painted their backdrop and visited the mountains and forest on a lovely sunny day. After they got into their imaginary costumes they marched off into the forest at the beat of their percussion instruments.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

End of Term 1:Te Wharereirei o Tama-nui-ki-te-Ra (Monument Hill)

This is our walk up Monument Hill.
 Resting and having a fresh fruit and a cold drink of milk after that steep hike up the hill.
 The original name of this maunga is Te Wharereirei o Tama-nui-ki-te-Ra.  The chief of this maunga was Tamanuikitera.  The hapu Te uri o Hua gave this maunga to Ngati Tautahi.  Te wharereireiotamanuikitera means the garden of Tamanuikitera.  His gardens were rock gardens.

 Titiro tamariki ma, look at the rolling hills, the tiny trucks and cars, the Aparahama church.  Thank you for a delightful day.
 What a beautiful site.  Home sweet home!  "Belonging to"
Wh                            Whaea Janey took a funny photo of us in the shade under the big Puriri tree.  The 1st church was at Omapere named Kamore. The 2nd church was at the KWS known as the Native School then named Te Pare HeiHei.  The 3rd was on Te Wharereirei and the 4th church is the Aparahama church.


Room 3 Term 2 Letter

Kaikohe West School

23 Tawanui Road

09 4011713

Tena koutou katoa,

I hope you had an awesome holiday break.  You deserved it!  Got your motors running?  All had a good blow out, tuned up running on all eight cylinders?  YeHaa! Because Room 3 are going to make a lot of noise this term burning rubber to meet our learning goals.

What do we have to stimulate the brain waves this term?  Well Mrs Nathan will make sure we get enough air and space in our lives. She is very excited about taking us through some basic ball skills and playing techniques in preparation for the netball and rugby league season.  Mrs Nathan will try and integrate more sports, games and play into our core curriculum learning areas.  
Our Learning Inquiry topic is Mana Whenua and we have decided to inquire about none other than our school the “Kaikohe West School”.  We will be learning how to interview people and record them on our ipads.  Mrs Nathan will show us how to reference what we write about and finally present our mahi.  It will be nice to hear some awesome stories to trigger our imaginations.

That’s about us!  Do remember our class room is an open door policy.  So, if you have a passion to share some of your talent (fishing, crafts, cooking, building, waiata, flying) I know you're out there so please let’s talk and we’ll arrange things to happen and move.  We want you to be part of our learning day.  Oh! by the way our classroom blog is so check out what we’ve been up to and leave a comment.

Enough said so we need to fuel our engines with good kai, tanked up with a lot of fluids (water) and a whole lot of sleep.

Noho ora mai
Waitangi Nathan

Kiaora whanau!
More on the Duffy show.
Duffy and Rosie by Jorgarose.

 Room 3 getting their grove on doing the Duffy song and dance.
 Long distance focus photos from Zephlin.

Here we go, Zephlin working it out.  Way to go Zephlin. He is enjoying being able to use this device.
Yes here are the girls.  Hi there, tino ataahua.  This photo was taken by Zephlin.  

 Great eye MikaylaRae.
 Room 3 shouting their words into the BIG BOOK!  Way to go Shikaia way to go.
This photo is by MikaylaRae.

So there we go just another learning day at the office.  It's cool to read!!!
I'm a bit slow off the mark.  Yesterday we had a sensational presentation of The Duffy Show.  Here are pictures and videos some of the tamariki took on our class room ipads.  Here goes!

The first picture was taken by Jorgarose.  This is a beautifully centered photo of Duffy playing the guitar dressed in his re-used book cover cloak.  Great art idea.  That's us Room 3!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

spent some time on exploring the Manaiakalani from the links given in the cluster presentation this avo.
i have become motivated seeing the advancement of technology in education.
being exposed to the global world...
just thinking out aloud!!!
I have success in inserting a photo from my files to our blog Yay! me.
This is 2013 Room 1 Kaikohe West School waiata performance.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kiaora everybody,

Reflecting on my day well it seemed to be much better then previous days.
Setting strict boundaries seem to settle the students into their learning.  Being more focused.
I believe meaning what you say, consistency, no favs makes it fair for all.

Overall we had fun learning today with teaching practices being a tad more interesting.

Stealing is happening in our classroom which is not a joke.  Ive had to talk to the children that once the teacher knows and the issue has been handed to the principal they are not to go around telling more stories as to how the perceive it to be.

No reira noho ora mai


Friday, 21 March 2014

Posted Images practise

Arahia and her Papa OX at her KWS Waiata Performance 2013.
Thank you Papa for taking some time out of you busy day to come and watch me.

Pukana! Papa.  Kia ora Mum and Dad i love you.

Your funny Papa.  I love you my big Papa.

Time Zone

Haha i realize i don't have to record the time.

Becks ITC

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Kiaora myself you have successfully created a class room blog for room 3 aaaaaaaand recorded my blog address on Becks' ICT required list.  YeeeHa!

2nd TRY

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Still finding my way so i thought id write another blog.

Push publish.

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I now have a class room blog.  Check!

I will now record my link to Becks' ICT list.